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One Man Band - Live
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One Man Band - Live
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"One Man Band - Live"

"One Man Band - Live" is a musical act from Little Rock, Arkansas I have created. Wayne, meaning me.. as a vocalist/guitarist has created a virtual party machine. "One Man Band - Live" performs with real live backing tracks made by real live band members. This sounds just like a real four or five piece band with only me performing. Not only does this act sound great, you can put my act in a small area or venue and have a full sounding live band, with just me of course.

Is This Affordable?

"One Man Band - Live" is affordable for everyone's entertainment budget! So, if you're planning a special occasion such as a wedding, corporate event, special event or a private party. "One Man Band - Live" is a great choice for an affordable live sounding Arkansas band. Plus, I DJ your event as well.. It's a package deal, band/DJ combo!

What Kind Of Music Do I Perform?

"One Man Band - Live" prefers to perform the most popular classic rock, dance, country, blues, top 40 and R&B classic hits we all love to dance and sing too! Artist like Tracy Chapman, KC and the Sunshine Band, Marvin Gaye, Eric Clapton, James Brown, Bad Company, Jason Aldean, Bee Gees, Faith No More, Brooks & Dunn and many other famous musicians and bands we all grow up listening to over the years.

Will I Appeal To Your Guests?

The answer to that question is most events have a difference in age groups from young folks to seniors citizens. Most live bands perform a certain genre or an era of music. "One Man Band - Live" performs music from different genres and eras, creating a vast listening audience from young to old keeping everyone entertained during your special event. No joke and I'm fun to be around too!

Do I Provide Other Music?

Yes, not only does "One Man Band - Live" perform live music for you and your guests. "One Man Band -Live" also provides DJ music and lighting for your dance floor to keep the event fun and entertaining! You also, get to pick all of the DJ music for your event, if you like and "One Man Band - Live" will emcee & DJ for you and your guests during the times when I take a break from performing live.

How Do I Pick The DJ Music?

When you Hire "One Man Band - Live" you will be sent a login and password for some free online tools. Which you can then select all of your music from a library of over 250,000 songs. After you select your music, you can submit your selection to the entertainer (ME) with one simple click of a button.

Now, since you know about my "One Man Band - Live" act, it sounds pretty entertaining doesn't it? The truth is, it is a blast.. Everywhere I do this fun act people seem to really like it a lot and some hire me back every year for their functions.. Is that cool or what!. It is an affordable alternative for folks that want a live band and a DJ here in Arkansas. I must say, I do like this act and the reactions from the crowds is worth it every time I perform an event.

If you are interested in hiring me for your next event, give me a call 501-249-3103 or message me. I'll respond to you quick!

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