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My Music Background

Well, this is the part where I tell you about how I am a 30 plus year musician from Little Rock, Arkansas. Guess, that would pretty much sum it up.., Right? But, of course, there is more. LOL!

It would seem that I come from a musical family if you were to look into my past, that's because of just about everyone in my family plays and instrument or several instruments, some just sing. We won't talk about the ones that just sing, they need to pick up and instrument and join in.. ha! Okay, they are musicians too. I may mention them a bit later.

What Got Me Started In Music

My inspiration to become a musician comes from two members of my family, one is my Grandpa "Oliver Howell" and the other is my Dad "Jack Willems". During my childhood, my family would gather at my grandparents and my dad and grandpa would play music together.. Pretty basic storyline huh? Well, there is more to it than that, my grandfather was blind and was an amazing musician. He could literally play any instrument he put in his hands, I mean he was awesome and I'm not saying that just because he was my grandpa either. He was a real true blue musician, no kidding!

I have many great memories of my dad and grandpa playing music over the years while I and my little brothers would play around my grandparent's house when we were visiting. Oh yes, I can still hear grandpa's foot tapping out the rhythm still to this day. Now, my dad was the singer-rhythm guitar player kind of guy and he still is actually. When I was a kid my dad was always singing and playing music around our house, tunes from Jim Croce and older 50s and 60s songs. You know the old C, F, G songs we all know and love. During our young teen years, my brothers and I began to get interested in music and my dad really liked that idea, because he would have a family band. It just kind of all fell into place to say. I learned to play guitar and my other two brothers learned to play bass and drums. All the sudden we had a family band and dad was the lead singer, of course, we learned all the tunes he was singing and playing around the house for years. Then the gigs began soon after we got the music tight. Later on, the brothers and I formed a rock band and played for many years. The band was called "Sedreth", not really sure how that name came about, but we sure had some fun to play music together.

Moving Forward In Music

Now, to kind of move forward a bit. I have played with all kinds of bands over the years MUDD, Second Nature, Laredo, The Rythmn Shakers, The Po Dogs, Mathias and been a hired gun player too. At one point when I lived in Austin, Texas I played with two guys a bass player and drummer that use to play for Stevie Ray Vaughn. That's how I met Junior Brown one time when we were rehearsing for a show. That band was called the Knight Snakes and it really was a fun band.

Over the years I have performed country, rock, blues, R&B, soul, metal and just about any kind of style in between. I've also played around with jazz and classical a bit too, not really my strong point in music I have found. I seem to really love soulful music, meaningful music you know the kind that makes you get those goosebumps when you hear it. I get them when I play it, best feeling in the entire world.

What I'm Doing Now Musically

I'm currently playing in the band LIQUID KITTY from Little Rock, Arkansas. I really love what this band is doing musically, we play a wide variety of music from Top 40 country to modern dance music, with some classic rock in between. Oh yes, gotta play some good classic rock everyone loves. If you ever get a chance come check out LIQUID KITTY and of course I have to share the website: www.liquidkittyband.com

Liquid Kitty

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